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DIY E-commerce for only £499+vat

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TheWebLink, always here to help.

Other than running TheWebLink.co.uk We offer a handful of other services that we feel come in very useful for those wishing to put the finishing touches on their already prepared web site.

We offer a first class design Service.

Banner Design      
£35 static £55.00 animated
Button Design      
£25 static £45.00 animated

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If you require Logo design please send details here

Software Solutions

We can also design and build Search Engine Software, Password Protection Areas, Accounts databases e.t.c.
We can programme in a number of languages including:
Perl, ASP, VB Script, JavaScipt and PHP.

Whatever your requirements we are prepared to meet all budgets.
Just fill out our online questionaire and you will receive a reasonable confidential quote within hours.

"You will be Surprised at how cost effective our solutions are.
Give us a try and you could have your very own database within days!"

Web Site Submissions

This is the Real Deal!
Any Fool can submit a web site to the Search Engines.
But I think you will agree, getting listed on the first 3 pages of the Top Search Engines and Directories is Specialised.
That is where The partnership of TheWebLink and SubmitIt comes into it!

With a little bit of help from SubmitIt we can offer our visitors a plan to the Top of the Top Search Engines and Directories on the Net!

A:) Firstly your web site will be analysed and all moderations and advice will be sent to you via email
Cost: £59.99 per web page

B:) If you would like us to carry out the moderations and either send you them by email or upload them to your server we would be happy to do this for £15.00 extra.

Click to order A

Click to order A + B

C:) Once these changes have been made SubmitIt will manually Submit your web site to 56 of the Top Search Engines and Directories on the Net!
Cost: £24.99 per web page

Click to order C

Click to order A + C

Click to order A + B + C

If you are working on a budget and need to drive targeted traffic to your web site, SubmitIt can target specific Search Engines and Directories for you. Please contact Admin@SubmitIt.co.uk for further Information!

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